We sat on Saturday, dripping and charging in motion!

Chuck McPherson taught us how to drip up and drip down creating vertical lines that remind us of tree trunks or even roller coaster rafters and pylons!

We splashed unimaginable colors and dripped and dropped them into our work.


Weds. Painters

Dec 13 Old Town Trolley Station
Dec 20 La Jolla Cove
Dec 27 La Jolla Pres Church

Drop Off   Dec 30

FirstFriday Jan 5

BlogChallenge-  paint your Holiday dinner

Roll out a Painting Saturday Dec. 9

 MAKING IT SIMPLE  will be the theme of this paintout demo by not so simple Chuck McPherson!   Chuck will be showing us how to SIMPLIFY  a complicated scene using the rule of thirds and the thoughts of what to edit and why.
To challenge our MAKE IT SIMPLE theme Chuck will be painting the Giant Dipper in Belmont Park!
We will be meeting in the parking lot of Bonita Cove Park which is on West Mission Bay Drive, just before Mission Blvd.  It is across the street from the Roller coaster.  The address is 3119 Mariners Way.
Directions:  From 8 heading West take West Mission Bay Drive. Turn Right onto West Mission Bay Drive toward Seaworld.  Take slight Right onto West Mission Bay Drive.  The entrance to the parking lot is before you get to Mission Blvd. on the Left!  Look for Lorri’s Palate Hat!
The demo starts promptly at 9AM with the critique at 12:30PM.
BlogChallenge– paint food
Jay Andrews loved painting the coaster there at Belmont


WEDS. Painters
Dec13 Old Town Trolley Station
Dec 20 La Jolla Cove
Dec 27 La Jolla Pres Church

Food for thought, move over Cezanne!

BlogChallenge– this is the season for wonderful meals and terrific foods. Bet you never even thought about painting a meal, or something other than just apples or peaches? Cezanne painted lots of fruit but let’s go farther on the table!

Bev paints carrots and other foodstuffs, and Susan lately painted some lovely pairs of pears and other fruits too!.

So dig into your meal and paint your dinner, or breakfast, or lunch, or a snack, whatever floats your boat as they say!

WEDS. Painters
Dec 6 Shelter Island
Dec13 Old Town Trolley Sta
Dec 20 La Jolla Cove
Dec 27 La Jolla Pres Church
Drop off- Dec.30
FirstFriday Jan 5 (Happy New Year!)

Volunteers are always needed, think about it

Along with it being time to renew your membership, our members are the very heart of this organization. We are totally run by our members who help to deter costs of running such a big operation for San Diego artists.  The gallery draws visitors and we always need people who volunteer their time to serve as greeters and hangers and librarians and man the front desk and help with the receptions and serve the food and sell the wine. So, if you have some of these talents also, and some spare time, check into this as we are always in need of our special friends!


Nov 29 Midway Aircraft Carrier
DropOff next Show– Nov. 25


Here volunteer Mary points out some interesting things in Susan Keith’s painting.

FirstFriday Dec. 1

Guess who came by when I was taking pictures?? HINT: MS

Applying for a CAC Grant: informational webinar on Dec. 5

The California Arts Council is hosting an informational webinar to kick off the opening of our grant season on Tuesday, December 5. Program staff will provide an overview of the grant application process and highlight changes and additions to our grant offerings. Join us for tips for grant writing success and answers to your questions. Register now!  MORE >>

Chuck chucked it all for the BlogChallenge this month- TREES

Chuck McPherson has graciously given me some of his trees for inspiration for anyone who does work on the BlogChallenges each month. Here are his wonderful renditions of trees, our November BlogChallenge. He provided me with the titles but for some reason, my computer won’t let me get them lined up!

So this is a guessing game, you do the “MACTH!!” LOL

Geese: Anyone Remember Where We Parked?

Cal Tower: Bells @ High Noon

Huntington Gardens:

Point Loma: Get to the Point!

Mt. Helix: heART’s Promise

Presidio Plein Air
(in Plein Air show at SDWS)
Torrey Pines: Torrey Trestle
Nov 29 Midway Aircraft Carrier
DropOff next Show– Nov, 25
FirstFriday Dec. 1

Here are a few other artists examples of trees. You can submit your best trees for the blog. 

Lorri Lynch, cinched her trees!
Shuang Li won first place in our new Plein Air Show- Congrats!
Jay Andrews does trees so well

Some of my photos of tree bark

We were jolly painting in La Jolla Weds.


Gordie worked on Christmas cards and the scenery, while I painted him.

We stood or sat around the stores waiting to move our cars because the parking is only for 90 minutes. So we just switch parking places when this happens. Gordie and I saw that the police chalked our cars so we warned everyone.  Doesn’t happen often but we get the job done and have a good time working together. If you have never done plein air, join in on Weds. from 9:30-12:30  Go and see our results at SDWS at Liberty Station this month in the “Not so Plein Air Show”.

Barb got several drawings done while practicing there.




WEDS. Painters

Nov 22 Little Italy
Nov 29 Midway Aircraft Carrier
Terry was busy listening to music and painting away.

Drop Off next show- Nov 25

FirstFridayDec. 1

BlogChallenge: this month- paint or draw trees

Newcomer, Sonya busied herself on the corner doing mini’s
My painting with Gordie painting is the acrylic on the left.
Mini’s done by Sonya and Terry
Gordie worked overtime and did his Christmas card and another one too!

Plain or Plane or as we like to say- Plein Air!

This Sunday, Nov 12,  the “Not So Plein Air Show” reception from 1-3

You and your family can come and see how artists paint the air and all or some of the stuff in and around it! We paint as the light changes and have to make fast decisions because of that. The Impressionists painters captured the light, we decide how much or how little to incorporate into our picture plane! So walk, drive or fly to Liberty Station Sunday and come and see what we captured!



Nov 15 La Jolla Shore business area
Nov 22 Little Italy Nov 29 Midway Aircraft Carrier
Dec 6 Shelter Island
Drop Off for next show Nov 25
FirstFriday Dec 1
BlogChallenge– trees, send them in
here are two by Jay Andrews (his birthday is Nov 21, and he is now in a nursing home). He won a prize in this show. , he is known for his trees.