The next meeting should be fun!

GENERAL MEETING: 6:30pm | May 10, 2016

We have been very fortunate through the years to have had wonderful books donated to our library.  As a result, however, we’ve found that we have many duplicates, and in order to create more shelf space and to give you an opportunity to own some of these books for your own personal library, we are holding a silent auction during the social hour of our May general meeting.  The proceeds will be used to buy DVDs for the SDWS library.  So come early, and with your cash, so you can take advantage of this great opportunity!  The auction will close promptly at 7:00pm and winning bids will be announced after the demonstration.  Don’t miss out!

Important Note for the May 10 and future general meetings:  The meeting location has changed from Barracks 17 to the McMillin Event Center on Dewey Road just north of the SDWS gallery.  The entrance is on the south side of the building that faces the gallery.  The address is 2875 Dewey Road.

Weds. Painters
 May 11 Mingei Museum in Balboa
May 18 Rose Garden on Park across from Balboa
May 25 Swami’s Beach overlook. Swami’s Meditation Center is next to it.
                 939 2nd Ave Encinitas. Off Hwy 101
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