May 14, we shall paintout but no lemons please!

Brian Meyer has gotten a city permit for us to have our paintout at the Lemon Grove Trolley Park next to the “LEMON!”  The station  has some unique architecture with a tower on the depot.  The depot is surrounded by a promenade that includes a plaza, park, and two windmills.  Every Saturday there is also a Certified Farmers Market that vendors offer organic produce, handmade crafts, and other items.  I think Starbucks is close by!!

Thanks Brian, the place looks like a great workout!
Jim Mallard will show us HOW TO…… (not paint lemons!)

JIM MILLARD is our featured demo artist.  Every time Jim paints a demo we get to witness an award winning painting evolve!  Jim’s art education was attained at the famed Chouinard Art Institute and the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles.  Jim has forty-five years as an art director, graphic designer, painter and educator.  His paintings are described as being the California Watercolor Style.  The California Watercolor Style evolved from 1850 until today.  The style consists of scenes of life, cities and suburbs of California.  Jim’s paintings are loose, expressive, colorful and use the white of the paper as color.  The white of the paper was and is a common element in this style.  Jim’s approach is one of enthusiasm and guidance.  He stresses design principles, applications, and planning!

Jim is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society.  He has won countless awards and honors.  Jim also conducts many workshop opportunities throughout San Diego County.  To find out more about Jim Q Millard  go to
The address to Lemon Grove Trolley Station is 3443 Main Street Lemon Grove, 619-466-6999.
Directions:  From Highway 8 take 125 South and then continue onto 94 West.  Take exit 8 onto Lemon Grove Avenue.
Weds. Painters
May 18 Rose Garden on Park across from Balboa
May 25 Swami’s Beach overlook. Swami’s Meditation Center is next to it. 939 2nd Ave Encinitas. Off Hwy 101 Visit the center.
Read the 5 questions below and answer them to be featured in the blog so everyone can learn about you and your work.
Blog Challenge– things on a shelf or counter

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