Crowds bring the kids and dog days of summer out to Pt Loma

IMG_0105FirstFridays are great for making toasts to our member’s artwork. The many people who risk their lives trying to get to Liberty Station by 5 come in all shapes and sizes. We had two dogs come and a wheelchair, loads of teens and some small two-footed little ones, even a baby in arms of grandpa painters arms.

IMG_0046 IMG_0050



Aug 17 NTC at the Gallery. Lots of painting choices. Then check out the show
Aug 24 Kate Sessions Park. Grand or Garnet to Lamont and right up to the park. Mission Bay and city views
Aug 31 PB Crystal Pier. Foot of Garnet St It ends at the Pier

Drop Off: Aug 27

FirstFriday: Sept. 2

AUG 13- Demo Paintout: with Shuang Li demo will be at Bonita Cove Park at 9:00am, Saturday,  Aug 13th. This location is a unique spot for plein air painters: with cool sea breeze from the Mission Bay, we can paint either the calm ocean and beach on the west side, or the exciting amazement Park on the other side.  It should be a really fun outing for everyone,

BlogChallenge: dinnerwareIMG_2096


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