Guest writer, Drew up a story about a Kalt

Drew_Bandish (2)Story by Drew Bandish: “Perhaps our fellow members will enjoy this painting related story.” 

1. Betty not Barbara
As a favor, today I retrieved that award winning portrait painting by San Diego Watercolor Society member artist Diane Kalt – of and bought by Betty Johnsen, one of my dear, longtime student friends in La Mesa. Betty is one of a gang-of-four friends who have attended for more than 15 years.

Cute story about the Betty not Barbara portrait: FirstFriday 16 (22)
I attended the reception for the July 2016 SDWS show, came upon the portrait,
recognized it as Betty (certainly mislabeled as Barbara). I snuck a snapshot. I went home, emailed Diane Kalt, the artist and each of the gang-of-four for opinions. Yes, it was obvious to all that the subject is, in fact, Betty Johnsen. Diane had recently conducted a demo in La Mesa, for the Foothills Art Association where they are all active members. Whilethere, Diane snapped a reference photo of Betty (who is an award winning pastelist. So, too, is Diane Kalt, by the way.)

Anyway, Betty attended the July SDWS show and took the plunge – she purchased the painting. Since it won an award, it had to hang for the entire show.



2. Coincidentally, a few seasons back, I had a similar ah-ha experience with another Diane Kalt painting. At a First Friday reception, I recognized the subject – guy in a ball cap – as Dennis McCreight, one of my night class group. Dennis had been fishing at Lake Cuyamaca with his grandson. They pulled a record sized bass out of the lake, brought it to the bait shop for photos for the bulletin board and acclaim from the hangers-on. Diane Kalt just happened to be visiting the shop on an excursion to our back country. She asked if she might take some photos, too – mentioning that she likes to paint from them. Dennis was overwhelmed by the moment and failed to mention the Drew Connection.


So, at First Friday, there was a fine portrait on display by Diane Kalt (possibly labeled hat man?). I went back to my night class and related my story. ‘That has to be Dennis!’ I have several SDWS members in that class. Upon seeing the image, everyone agreed with my assessment. Dennis (a retired pro baseball player, hence the ball cap – now a novelist; Ain’t No Bum ) visited the show the next day, made the decision and bought it.

All good for Dianne Kalt, too (she has also painted me, by the way – from a public domain photo, some seasons back). I wonder who she has painted, this month?

Thanks Penni, be cool
Drew Bandish (Drew teaches many wonderful classes, you can email him and find out where

(Experimental Show –
$150 Burridge Cash Award)

Juror: Jennifer Littleton  


WEDS. Painters:

Aug 31   PB Crystal Pier.  Foot of Garnet St  It ends at the Pier

Entry Day Saturday, August 27, 2016
10:00am – 4:00pm

First Friday Reception  September 2, 2016
5:00 – 8:00pm
Show Runs

August 31 – September 24, 2016

A reminder to SDWS members to please pick up your paintings from our September show and storage area by Saturday, September 24th.  The gallery is getting ready for the International Exhibition in October and our crew needs all the room possible for another outstanding show event!  Thanks so much. Susan Hewitt, Member Shows Director

BlogChallenge– table setting

Call for Entries!!!! The 46th Western Federation Show is now open for entires. All current SDWS members may enter up to three paintings for this exhibition.  Entries are due by November 1, 2016.



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