Fly Away this month, and catch up on your painting

IMG_0914 Caterpillars have a lovely texture and they spin a good tale (I mean chrysalis), but who wants to paint one and it wouldn’t stay still enough for you to capture all those little legs on paper. But, they do turn into a wonderful site. I have a neighbor who has milkweed plants on her patio and she gets to watch this happen. Did you know they liquefy inside that little cocoon and then redistribute their cells and spread their wings? They also lose a bunch of legs because as insects they have six sets of jointed legs, so Mommy doesn’t have to buy them too many shoes for the first day of school. They say butterflies are free, so start painting yours.  A dragonfly will do too, or a lady bug, a fly, or any other insects, just get out your paints and fly away! So BUGS count for this month’s blog.

Check out this video, amazing photos of the metamorphosis process.

Past President, Mike Shirk Passes

In the past 51 years, SDWS has benefited from the contributions of so many volunteers and this past week we lost a member who ranks at the top of that list.   Recognized for his multi-faceted service to SDWS that included coordinator of the Paintout system, Membership Chair, Director of the International Exhibition, website master, and President, Mike Shirk was awarded the Society’s highest honor, that of Life Member.  Disabled by a rare crippling disease, Mike proved that making accommodations is a part of life and not a sign of limited ability.


IMG_0913WEDS. Painters:

Sept 7 Fanuel Park. Grand St in PB Left on Fanuel to park. Hint Streets are alphabetical
Sept 14 Alcazar Garden in Balboa. Behind the row of museums across from the Old Globe
Sept 21 Hoyt Park in Rancho Bernardo. Beautiful site. Pearl Rest at 11666 Avena in RB, Site is behind it. Stay for yummy Dim Sum
Sept 28 Spanish Village in Balboa

Saturday Paintout Demo:  Sept. 10

Jami Wright will present us with her wonderful wisdom at Balboa Park. From 9-1 you can  enjoy the day the Wright way.

Directions: I 5/Park Blvd. Use the middle lane to keep left at the fork and follow signs for Park Blvd.  Turn Left onto Park Blvd.  Turn Left onto Presidents Way.  Park closest to Pan American Road and look for my Palate hat!!
The demo starts promptly at 9am with a critique at 12:30pm.  I have a new microphone so you should be able to hear me now!!  Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend.  Its great fun, new friendships and lots of watercolor painting!!  All levels of artists are appreciated.

NO Drop Off = International Exhibition next month

Check the website for special goings on for this annual show. Get your tickets for a fabulous chance to own a gorgeous painting.

FirstFriday- Oct. 7 

FYI- You may see ads at the bottom of the blog from time to time but we do not put those on. Our carrier WordPress does that so if you see them, please know that SDWS and I do not take responsibility for the contents.


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