Meetings and a Wright way to paint

September 13 | 6:30pm

This meeting will be held for members to vote on:

  1. Election of board members for 2016-17,  and
  2. Approval of minutes for annual meeting of September 8, 2015,
  3. Amendment of the SDWS bylaws to eliminate family memberships, and
  4. All other business as may properly come before the members at this meeting.

Members may review annual meeting materials here.  Once on this web page, members can also provide a proxy for their vote by clicking on the appropriate link.  Note, members will also receive either a letter or an email to provide their proxy.  Members should only complete the proxy one time.

Slide6SEPT. 10 Paintout with Jami Wright at Balboa Park. We will meet on the grassy area across from the Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater and the Balboa Park Club

WEDS. Painters:

Sept 14 Alcazar Garden in Balboa. Behind the row of museums across from the Old Globe
Sept 21 Hoyt Park in Rancho Bernardo. Beautiful site. Pearl Rest at 11666 Avena in RB, Site is behind it. Stay for yummy Dim Sum
Sept 28 Spanish Village in Balboa

p1130932BlogChallenge: bugs and butterflies  p1130972

OCTOBER: INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION, bring your friends and family to FirstFriday and enjoy art from around the world!

FYI: We are looking for someone to take over the SDWS Blog


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