The subject is Subjects! They do matter.

IMG_2104Of all the paintings that you have created, which subject do you think was the most successful? Looking through art books, the still life always pops out and landscapes do also.Throughout history, artists have chosen those two things to paint. Along with portraits, those are best sellers.  But whenever I go to art shows, I always love to see animals or even off-the-beaten path objects, like old tools or items that one normally wouldn’t think of painting. I remember these like: Vicki P’s old truck, Drew B’s rusty shovel, Pat D’s mailboxes, (and I did an old egg beater once) are some of the iconic pieces I stopped and wondered about. Where did those inspirations come from?P1010733 - Copy

When you are in a slump, what do you do to get trough it? I am sure we have thousands of stories on this subject alone, so send them in. Maybe your story will help someone who is not producing what they would like to at some point. roz guitarHow do you get your inspirations?

Call for Entries!!!! The 46th Western Federation Show is now open for entires. All current SDWS members may enter up to three paintings for this exhibition.  Entries are due by November 1, 2016. For more information and to view the prospectus click here.



WEDS. Painters

Sept 21 Hoyt Park in Rancho Bernardo. Beautiful site. Pearl Rest at 11666 Avena in RB, Site is behind it. Stay for yummy Dim Sum
Sept 28 Spanish Village in Balboa

FirstFriday;    International Exhibition. Come one, came all

NO Drop Off

BlogChallenge for Sept. bugs & butterflies, for October scissors

Curly_Locks_-_Sold elaine harvey parrots logoblog1

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