Membership drive and Volunteering for SDWS

Volunteer at the front desk
Volunteer on drop off days

March right to SDWS at Liberty Station and catch a glimpse of the latest show. This month, October houses the International exhibition! Artists from around the world submitted work and you get to see it every year in Liberty Station.

Volunteer for hospitality during events and FirstFridays
Meet other members when you volunteer for SDWS
During the hours the gallery is opened, we need greeters.

IMPORTANT INFO: It is time to renew your membership and while at it, think about volunteering for the organization. There are many jobs we fill and it is a fun way to get to know other members.


WEDS. Painters

Oct 12 R B Winery On Verano Rd
Oct 19  Old Chart House restaurant across from the Del
Oct 26  Little Italy at the overhead “Little Italy ” sign

Special SDWS Demo Paintout- Oct. 8 Lindo Lake Demo by Lorri Lynch

OCTOBER-  International Exhibition

Skip Lawrence did scissors! Try it yourself.

Oct 29, drop off next show

BlogChallenge –  scissors

Drop Off date for next member show: Oct 29


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