Weds. are no washouts when we practice painting at parks

Gordie left early so here is his contribution to the day

img_0648 img_0654 img_0703 img_0697 img_0709

We were at Heritage Village and had fun in the sun. Lots of new people sharing our paintouts so welcome everyone.

BlogChallenge– board games or just the pieces


Weds. Painters  

Dec 28 Bazar Del Mundo (the new one at Juan Street)

ShowOff and BragIt: If you get a chance, come to Liberty Station before Dec. 31 and see Jay Andrews artwork. His book and calendars are still available and the proceeds from sales go to the SDWS education programs. Check out the video I created of 300 pieces of his marvelous lifetime paintings!  They are all for sale!

Drop off for next show Dec. 31

FirstFriday Jan 6

Next BlogChallenge: piano keyboard.

FYI: Sadly to say but I am signing off as your blogger for the San Diego Watercolor Society. After about three years and over 300 posts, I thought it was best to bring in new blood. I have had a fun-derful time doing this and hope I can see everyone here and there. Penni (but, please feel free to contact me as I will be missing you guys-

Andrea Ausland is a new member and she will be your new blogger. But remember, you can always go and look back through the blogs and get inspirations too. Please help Andrea get photos at events and wish her all the best.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone and keep on paintin’! Here’s to a wonderful New Year!


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