Twice the fun, double opportunities to paint

No traffic jams here to see the spring flowers.  Huntington Manor is ablaze with flowers galore thanks to all the rain we have had this winter.  The Manor is nestled within oak and olive trees. Huntington Manor is a beautiful place with waterfalls, flowers, chickens, koi fish and wonderful people.  The main house is a favorite subject for painting along with the various sitting areas.  The place is SPRINGTIME HEAVEN!!  The wisteria is going crazy!!   Our wonderful host Philip Butzen welcomes us back to have our demo paintout in honor of Mike Shirk, watercolor artist and life member of SDWS.  As he always does, Philip Butzen treats us with hot coffee, tea, juice and pastries to get our early morning creative juices going!
The paintout will feature award winning artist CRAIG ANDERSON!!  Craig was born and raised in upstate New York before moving to San Diego in 1988.  He works exclusively in transparent watercolor.  The trademark of his paintings is the vibrant use of color and BOLD value patterns.  He takes local color that is present in the subject and goes to the extreme to display colors that you may not notice at first glance.  Craig finds the city streets amazing due to the changing light yielding endless painting subjects in all directions.  Craig is captivated by how the California sun brings subjects to life in his other favorite subjects that are landscapes and seascapes. Wait until you see him put the shadows in a painting: it’s magic! Craig is a member of SDWS and is represented by private and corporate collections nationwide.  To find out more about Craig Anderson please visit his website, ;
Directions to Huntington Manor:  14755 Budwin Lane, Poway  858-748-3381.  From 8 take 15 North and exit Poway Rd.  Right on Poway Rd. Left on Community Road, Right on Twin Peaks Rd. Left on Budwin Lane.  From East county take 67 North, Left on Poway Rd., Right on Espola Rd., Left on Twin Peaks Rd., Right on Budwin Lane.  Please park down below where my sign will be as there is limited parking up by the house.  If you want to drive up and drop your things off that is ok.

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