Enter now for big shows

The San Diego Watercolor Society
37th International Exhibition 2017

October 1-31, 2017
2825 Dewey Road, Suite 105
San  Diego, CA  92106

Online Entry Deadline May 5, 2017

European Confederation of Watercolour Societies (ECWS)
Exhibition and Symposia

September 27 – October 27, 2017
Spanish Watercolor Society,
Salamanca, Spain

Online Entry March 16 – April 24, 2017

Join the world of watercolor and send your best art to vacation in Europe this year for an international exhibition in Salamanca, Spain.  For more information click here.


The entry registration deadline for the 2017 Exhibition of Fine Art Show is only

Deadline: Friday, April 21 @ 11:59pm (PST)

For complete information and to register: https://sdfair.com/exhibits/fine-art/

Included are two attachments to help assist in registration and uploading images of your artwork. If you have any questions or need assistance entering, the Entry Office is available by phone Monday-Friday from 10:00am to 5:00pm at (858) 792-4207 or e-mail anytime    entry@sdfair.com


Weds. paintouts
BlogChallenge this month “Umbrellas”

Apr 19. Coronado Park under the bridge. Coronado side not Chicano park

Apr 26. Ferry landing in Coronado

Drop Off next Show April 29

Saturday Demo Paintouts:

 Saturday April 29 at the Cuyamaca College Water Conservation Garden with world famous demo artist Chuck McPherson!

 FirstFriday May 5

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