We watered the water garden at Cuyamaca with Luis

Chuck McPherson could not make our Saturday paintout sessions so Luis Juarez filled in and gave us a wonderful demo. We sat in the shade and Lorri held an umbrella over his head as he shared his talent and expertise with the group. We had some new people, Carolyn, Ed, Chris and June came and brought her daughter Sindy. Brent also brought her daughter so this turned out to be a family affair. Chuck feel better, we’ll catch you on the next one.


Luis captured the atmosphere in his piece and hopes he can submit it for one of the next shows. Congrats to him for getting into and winning a prize in the Federation Show.


FirstFriday May 5 Liberty Station from 5-8

Weds, Painters

May 3. Annual party at Gordie’s house. 12263 Rue Sienne Nord. SD 92131 (RSVP)

May 10.  Pt Loma Lifeguard Station. Was rained out so we will try again

May 17. Old Town area. Museum at top of the hill overlooking Rt 8 and old town.

May 24 Kate Se
ssions Park up from Garnett in PB

May 31. Arboretum in Balboa Park

Lorri found some time to make a masterpiece, look for it in the next show!



Newcomer, Ed


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