Paintout is far out this month, Santee Lakes

MAY DAY,  MAY DAY!  He’s back and ready to splash the paint around for us!  Popular demo artist, Chuck McPherson returns after a long hiatus. Chuck has signature status in NWS, WFWS and SDWS!  To find out more about Chuck McPherson just Google his name.
For the first time our demo paintout location is going to be at Santee Lakes in sunny Santee!  THERE IS A DAY USE FEE OF $6.00 per vehicle.  Santee Lakes is a beautiful recreational park made up of seven lakes.  The park is used for many activities including fishing, picnics, paddle boating, playgrounds and just relaxing.  The views in the park are varied and gorgeous; a painters delight!
Directions:  9310 Fanita Parkway, Santee Ca–619-596-3141
From 52E  take the Mast Blvd exit  Left to Fanita Parkway
The demo starts promptly at 9am with the critique at 12:30.  Santee Lakes opens at 6am for you early birds!
Weds. Painters

May 10.  Pt Loma Lifeguard Station. Was rained out so we will try again

May 17. Old Town area. Museum at top of the hill overlooking Rt 8 and old town.

May 24 Kate Se
ssions Park up from Garnett in PB

May 31. Arboretum in Balboa Park

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3 thoughts on “Paintout is far out this month, Santee Lakes

  1. I am trying to get in touch with the person who is currently doing the SDWS blog. I talked to Ralph Kingery about a request we receive via telephone message. Charlene Rights, who is a long time SDWS member, is having an estate sale. She is moving from a large house that she has lived in for 55 years to an apartment. She is going to leave some flyers on the bottom shelf near the front doors which Ralph gave his approval. She wanted to know if she could place a notice in the e-blast but Ralph stated no. However, I asked him about the SDWS’s blog, he did not know that it was still being published. He said that a notice in the blog would be ok.
    The things she wants to sell is a life time of art supplies include paintings of Charles Reid and other artist.
    Let me know who is doing the blog and how to reach this person plus can you place the notice?
    Also, we need to work on letting our members know that the blog is still viable.
    Thanks, Francine Pender – Membership Director

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