July will come bursting right in and so can you

July 8 Paintout with Shuang Li 

The location of the paintout will be at Coronado Tidelands Park.  2000 Mullinex Drive, in Coronado. The water will be all a glitter with dramatic flashes of light and painting inspiration!  So explode out of your house and come join us for some snap, crackle and paint!
Directions: Take Highway 75 over the Coronado Bridge and stay in the Right lane.  Keep right on Glorietta Blvd.  Turn Right onto Mullinex Drive.  You are there right next to the bridge.  Look for my Palate hat!  The paintout will start promptly at 9AM with the critique at 12:30PM.  Come early and get set up!
Weds. Painters:
July 5 Watercolor Society area on Dewey
July12 Bazaar Del Mundo Near Old Town on the corner of Taylor and Juan July 19 Seaport Village Fee parking. Buy something and get voucher stamped July 26 Old Town in the center by the picnic tables
FirstFriday- July 7
BlogChallenge – cars

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