Move your second Saturday til next week

We have a very special paintout planned for Saturday August 19.  We are featuring portrait painter extraordinaire Diane Kalt!  Yes, you are right portraits are not usually done en plein aire but it is going to happen at our paintout!  So before you panic the homework assignment before the paintout is to draw or enlarge and trace a portrait that you would like to paint. Bring your photo that is at least 8X10 with your drawing on a quarter or half sheet watercolor paper. It would be good if your photo has a light source where the light is on part of the face. By having the drawing done ahead of time all of us non portrait painters can get to painting right away and try out what Diane has taught us.
The paintout location will be at Harbor Island Park.  The location has beautiful views if you don’t want to paint a portrait.  The location was choosen for coolness and hopefully quiet so we can hear Diane’s instruction.
Directions:  Head to the airport.  At the signal across from the airport entrances take Harbor Island Drive toward the bay.  Turn right at the split, go to the end and come back the other way at the roundabout .  The park is on your right next to the stone building-restroom.  There is plenty of parking there.  Look for my Palate Hat!  Even though there is plenty of parking I would suggest you get there early.

Weds. Painters

Aug 9  Crystal Pier PBeach

Aug 16  Mission Beach Belmont Rollercoaster

Aug 23 La Jolla Cove

Aug 30 International Houses in Balboa Across from the Organ Pav

Drop Off: Aug 26

FirstFriday: Sept 1

BlogChallenge: mirrors, try to paint  reflective surface

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