Some of us Swooned over Swan Lake

Through Katie Ruiz’s art class, several members of SDWS had an opportunity to sketch during the rehearsal of Swan Lake ballet at the Civic Center. Trying to capture moving feet is quite a feat in itself, but working in the dark is nearly impossible. Yet our members rose to the challenge and were able to draw the gestures with pencils or pastels or paint, as did Brent during the show. (she had to change her water during intermission) She got a lot accomplished as the dancers’ feet moved so fast,  changing poses every second, unlike what we are used to in class when we do 5  and 10 minute quick poses. The show was also mesmerizing, so it was twice as hard to concentrate on our work. So kudos to those who go to the opera rehearsals to sketch and paint, this was a little different because none of the performers ever stood still!


Weds. Painters

Nov 1 Kensington Sign on Adams off the 15
Nov 8 Seaport Village
Nov 15 La Jolla Shore business area
Nov 22 Little Italy
Nov 29 Midway Aircraft Carrier
Saturday Demo   Nov. 10  with Drew Bandish at Lake Murray.
These pencil gestures are my quickies!

FirstFriday Nov. 3

Save the date:

Nov 4 10-9 drop off for Not so Plein Air Show

Sat. Nov. 12, at SDWS at 12:30-3:00pm, there is a special reception for the plein air art show sharing our weekly outdoor work!

Drop off Nov 25

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