We were jolly painting in La Jolla Weds.


Gordie worked on Christmas cards and the scenery, while I painted him.

We stood or sat around the stores waiting to move our cars because the parking is only for 90 minutes. So we just switch parking places when this happens. Gordie and I saw that the police chalked our cars so we warned everyone.  Doesn’t happen often but we get the job done and have a good time working together. If you have never done plein air, join in on Weds. from 9:30-12:30  Go and see our results at SDWS at Liberty Station this month in the “Not so Plein Air Show”.

Barb got several drawings done while practicing there.




WEDS. Painters

Nov 22 Little Italy
Nov 29 Midway Aircraft Carrier
Terry was busy listening to music and painting away.

Drop Off next show- Nov 25

FirstFridayDec. 1

BlogChallenge: this month- paint or draw trees

Newcomer, Sonya busied herself on the corner doing mini’s
My painting with Gordie painting is the acrylic on the left.
Mini’s done by Sonya and Terry
Gordie worked overtime and did his Christmas card and another one too!

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