Chuck chucked it all for the BlogChallenge this month- TREES

Chuck McPherson has graciously given me some of his trees for inspiration for anyone who does work on the BlogChallenges each month. Here are his wonderful renditions of trees, our November BlogChallenge. He provided me with the titles but for some reason, my computer won’t let me get them lined up!

So this is a guessing game, you do the “MACTH!!” LOL

Geese: Anyone Remember Where We Parked?

Cal Tower: Bells @ High Noon

Huntington Gardens:

Point Loma: Get to the Point!

Mt. Helix: heART’s Promise

Presidio Plein Air
(in Plein Air show at SDWS)
Torrey Pines: Torrey Trestle
Nov 29 Midway Aircraft Carrier
DropOff next Show– Nov, 25
FirstFriday Dec. 1

Here are a few other artists examples of trees. You can submit your best trees for the blog. 

Lorri Lynch, cinched her trees!
Shuang Li won first place in our new Plein Air Show- Congrats!
Jay Andrews does trees so well

Some of my photos of tree bark

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