Hopefuls get in line at SDWS on the last Saturday of the month

Lorri waits to unveil her latest masterpiece.

Anxious artists come early on Drop Off day to enter their entrees for the next big gallery show. Volunteer members are always around to help with the procedures and it can get pretty busy and nosy at times! SoO come to the January show and see which of these hopefuls got in and which perhaps were from the last show at SDWS.

Just for fun, here is a link to all the paintings that got into the show this month.    https://www.sdws.org/galleryart.php?cat=6896


WEDS. Painters;

Jan 10 Presideo near Old Town may get rained out, check email from gbats

Jan 17 Kate Sessions Park

Jan 24 Spanish Village In Balboa Park

Jan 31 Chicano Park in Bario Logan,1986 Logan Ave.

Caught these two leaving with the evidence!

FirstFriday- Jan 5

BlogChallenge– paint or draw kids at play!


Drew won the choice award at last months show1 Congrats1
I missed Gordie dropping his work off, but it is so recognizable. Let’s see which one bets into the January show.

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