Sharing a hint at a Hinkley

Sharon Hinkley gets down during a critique show and tell. She shows how to create blacks and seasonal colors that enhance paintings. Some of our members take her class at the Lawrence Family JCC in La Jolla through the Community Education program.

.Sharon was kind enough to answers my questions:

What is your Art Background?
My recollection is that my first work of Art was executed at the age of 4: a large mural in crayon on the Living Room Wall. The “Critics” were not pleased and sent me to bed without my supper. Thankfully most of the subsequent response has been more positive – at least no one else has ever withheld food!
I attended Stanford University graduating with a Bachelor of Art’s degree in Art History. After graduating I studied with many well known Watercolor Painters including Robert  E. Wood, Rex Brandt, Millard Sheets, Zoltan Szabo, Tom Nash, Robert Landry, Bud Shackleford, and Jane Burnham

.I have had more than 50 one-woman shows including exhibitions at Bank of America World Headquarters, San Francisco, Ampex Corporation in Redwood City, The Rosicrucian Museum, San Jose, California, The University Club, Washington DC, The Taipei American Club, Taipei international Business Club, The Taipei Museum of History, and the Tokyo American Club. And I am honored to have one of my paintings in the San Diego Watercolor Society Permanent Collection

What is my career/work?

Painting, Painting, Painting. My book, Watercolor Basics: Painting Flowers was published by North Light Books in 1999. I also became a registered and certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, RYT500. I have taught Yoga for the past 17 years. The Japanese word 

for “Western Painting” is “Yoga. So I started doing Yoga long before I began practicing Yoga. In 2009, I picked up a camera. I have had several photography exhibits in local shops and in 2012 I published the first La Jolla Calendar. With the La Jolla 2018 Calendar, The La Jolla, Calendar is now in its 7th year of Publication.

What inspires you in your work? 

What is your thought process?
When I am painting, I try to stay out of that “thinky” part of my brain.In my plein Air work, I take 3 fundamental considerations
1. Know my Light Source
2. Be aware of what I can see without distortion 3. Be aware of my depth of field (Focus) I am constantly playing with pairs of opposites Light against Dark, Warm against Cool, Hard against Soft, Bright against Dull – hoping to bring them together into a Harmonious work of Art
How do you attack your paintings?I don’t attack them, I try to relax and enjoy them. That said I have been known to throw water and/or pigment at them,cut them with a knife, and I frequently apply lots and lots of masking tape.


WEDS. Painters

Jan 24 Spanish Village In Balboa Park

Jan 31 Chicano Park in Bario Logan ,1986 Logan Ave.

 Drop off- Jan 26
FirstFriday Feb 2


Many of our members come to Sharon’s class at the JCC in La Jolla

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