P is for Paint and Pallets!

So, every Wednesday, we bring our goodies (chair, easel, paper, board, umbrella, hat, snacks, etc.) and our paint trays and hope for the best doing a plein air painting or two. Afterward, we have a critique and look how we performed with the paints we brought.

Some people clean their palettes and some do not. A teacher told a class that I use the same color palette a lot, so I do not have to always wash off the dried puddles. Yet some squeeze new paint each session and I always get a kick out of seeing the end product from the work we did, I mean the secondary end product,  Look at the lovely “paintings” within the center of these palettes. See if you can recognize whose palette is whose!! These were done at Belmont Park at a demo with Chuck McPherson. Chuck has a painting on the cover of a watercolor magazine this month. Ask him and he will tell you all about it.


Weds. Painters

Mar 14 Heritage Village Victorian Houses Juan St near Old Town

Mar 21 Prado Children’s Theater in Balboa near The Ancient Ficus tree. Near Old Town

Mar 28 Pt Loma Light Fee to enter. Follow signs  near the end of Rosecranz

BlogChallengepaint bicycles, or shadows of them

Drop Off= March 31

FirstFriday-April 6

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