Technology can paint pictures too

Joyce Trinh did hers already. Cameras are devices too!

BlogChallenge, paint your devices! Don’t know about you, but my other devices are driving me nuts. I am having trouble getting my photos off my iphone, my computer doesn’t always like to stay on, it jams sometimes, and it doesn’t like to talk to my other devices!! In this “device-ive” world of ours, how can you get ahead of the game? My kids keep giving me their hand-me-down phones and so far I have had to learn three different ones. My camera motor went dead the other day and my new camera is set on RAW and takes two of everything and eats sd card space!

Wish life got easier. So grab a paintbrush or pencil, and draw or paint your de-vice! Don’t know about you but I am having more trouble trying to get my photos from my phone to my computer. And sometimes, my computer doesn’t like talking to

Weds. Painters

April    4    Near Art Society Gallery in Liberty Station

  11            Prado Restaurant in Balboa across from Mingei Museum

18            Mission Alcala in Mission Valley. Park on Street

25          Hotel Del in Coronado South end across from the iconic                                           restaurant.  Maybe park there?

 Drop Off – April 28
FirstFriday – May 4

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