Francesca calls it as it is

Francesca Brayton answers the call-

I have a college art degree from UCSB and attended art school in Guadalajara one college summer.   I have been painting with watercolors for around thirty years now, mostly after my kids were in school. I am always sketching, love a theme, sometimes do mixed media.  I take an occasional workshop or class because I find them so energizing.

I taught first and second grades before having our two sons.  Later on when they were in Middle School I did some substituting in the art programs and primary grades in Los Alamitos.

My inspiration comes from traveling to places like Hawaii and Mexico yearly, and  Cuba, Japan, France, Guatemala and more.  I do a lot of sketching and follow with paintings from local beach scenes in Southern California, and from themes like birthdays, holidays, and doggies.  I only paint places I have been to and things I have seen myself.  I always sketch with sharpie pens in my sketchbooks as  I like the pen commitment to the drawn line.  I sketch with pencil on my watercolor paper, creating compositions using elements from my sketchbooks.  I  don’t follow my sketches exactly, they are part of the thinking process. I like close up designs, not sweeping landscapes.  I mostly paint large square formats, 22X22, sometimes with a 2-inch border design.  I recently did a full sheet series with borders…very fun.

From my sketchbook ideas, I make a composite sketch on my paper.   I choose some colors to start with and add others later.  I don’t really know how my paintings will turn out as I add more elements as I go along.  I like to finish off a painting using an online applicator with black ink.  I like the loose effect with the blobs of ink that occasionally drop.  I always finish a painting in a couple of days then move on.  Sometimes I paint a series but after about 5 or 6 paintings,  I visit a new place or a holiday comes along and I get on another series of ideas.

FYI- The Annual 38th International Exhibition is now open for entry! Register today! The Registration deadline is on May 7th, 2018. $17,000 in awards is anticipated with John Salminen as our juror!

Please see our information page (here) for instructions on how to enter.


Weds. Painters

May 16  Joe’s Crab Shack behind the Convention center.

May 23 Arboretum ( reflecting lily Pad pool) in Balboa

May 30  Rose Garden on Park St across from Balboa

Drop Off- May 26

FirstFriday- June 1

You too can be featured in the blog, just answer the questions below and send in your photo and some of your paintings!

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