Come to Cabrillo this Saturday for some “light” painting

Jay Andrews painting of the light house

Our June 9 Sat. demo paintout, (9:00 am-1)      At Cabrillo National Monument Lighthouse.  Every way you look the views are spectacular!  The primary focus will be the Lighthouse but there are many other scenes to paint.  Windswept trees, city views, people, tide pools,  and even the statue of Cabrillo himself!

There is a $15.00 dollar entrance fee and or a National Park pass accepted.    I recommend that you carpool to reduce your entry fee.
Our award-winning demo artist will be Jim Millard!


Weds. Painters

June  6    Fanuel Park End of Fanuel St off Grand St in Pacific Beach.  Mission Bay beach fro.nt

June 13   Old Town. Near Conquistador House or the green space in the center of Park with picnic tables

June 20    Pacific Beach  End of Garnet St Get away from Crystal pier for variety.  Maybe pick 1 block south near the Lifeguard Station

June 27    La Jolla Cove.

BlogChallenge– books, laying on the side or in a stack, paint em or draw them……………………………………………………………………..

Miracles do happen to artists!

For many years, I was a snowbird painting with the Weds. painters group. We painted with Jay Andrews all of those times and at one point, I emptied his car and took pictures of all the work he had stashed in the way back of his station wagon. He always was ready to help us and we loved his compositions so much that I told him I would make a CD for him to record his work.
He never showed his work, and several of us (Chuck, Sue, Codie and I) tried to have a show of his paintings at a senior center but he refused. So I made a book of his work, which is in the SDWS library (Jay Andrews, the masterful painter). In 2016, SDWS had a show for him finally. I went to Jay’s house and he choose which ones he wanted.
He wound up in the hospital and did not come to his show. So, I recorded testimonials from it and shared them on my computer with Jay later. At that point, I also realized if we sold his paintings, no one knew where or what he had other than my photos. So I volunteered to take all of his work and get them all organized so they didn’t have to be touched just to find one. I took the stacks of his work and Sue Gold came up to Laguna and we spent a weekend sorting through and categorizing 435+ paintings. It was a blessing because he lost his house and is in a nursing home now.  So it was good I had gotten the work out of there.
As he now resides in a nursing home, I have been trying to get his work shown and his name out there. I went to a few museums and got helpful ideas from several. One sent me to the Hilbert Museum at Chapman University and I brought in some work and left the book I wrote there for them to look at.  That got me an appointment with Mr. Hilbert himself and the Director and he decided to do a show for three months of Jay’s work in the Fall.
What an honor that we got to know him before he was famous!! You can see an old blog of Jay’s marvelous work. He helped so many of us on Weds. because he really was a master painter!


Weds. Painters 

(See Schedule through the summer at the bottom)

June   6  Fanuel Park End of Fanuel St off Grand St in   Mission Bay beach fro.nt

June 13   Old Town. Near Conquistador House

June 20  Pacific Beach  End of Garnet St Get away from Crystal pier for variety.

June 27   La Jolla Cove

Drop Off– June 30

FirstFriday– July 6

BlogChallenge– Books, standing or laying down in a pile

SUMMER schedule                                         :

July  4   International Houses in Balboa,

July 11   Swami Beach

July 18  Winery in Rancho Bernardo..Exit Rte 15 at Poway Rd. East Pomerado and left  to Paseo Verano

July 25  Old Poway Park on Midland St. Fun area with old railroad equipment and a running train

Aug  1  Helipad   Off North Torrey Pines

Aug 8  Presidio    Off Taylor on Presidio Drive near Old Town

Aug 15  Tom Ham Restaurant on Harbor Island across from Airport

Aug 22   Zoo entrance.  Worth a try to get a painting of a true Ikon

Aug 29  Mission Beach  Near the Rollercoaster but let’s do the beach

Signing off- keep in touch

Francesca calls it as it is

Francesca Brayton answers the call-

I have a college art degree from UCSB and attended art school in Guadalajara one college summer.   I have been painting with watercolors for around thirty years now, mostly after my kids were in school. I am always sketching, love a theme, sometimes do mixed media.  I take an occasional workshop or class because I find them so energizing.

I taught first and second grades before having our two sons.  Later on when they were in Middle School I did some substituting in the art programs and primary grades in Los Alamitos.

My inspiration comes from traveling to places like Hawaii and Mexico yearly, and  Cuba, Japan, France, Guatemala and more.  I do a lot of sketching and follow with paintings from local beach scenes in Southern California, and from themes like birthdays, holidays, and doggies.  I only paint places I have been to and things I have seen myself.  I always sketch with sharpie pens in my sketchbooks as  I like the pen commitment to the drawn line.  I sketch with pencil on my watercolor paper, creating compositions using elements from my sketchbooks.  I  don’t follow my sketches exactly, they are part of the thinking process. I like close up designs, not sweeping landscapes.  I mostly paint large square formats, 22X22, sometimes with a 2-inch border design.  I recently did a full sheet series with borders…very fun.

From my sketchbook ideas, I make a composite sketch on my paper.   I choose some colors to start with and add others later.  I don’t really know how my paintings will turn out as I add more elements as I go along.  I like to finish off a painting using an online applicator with black ink.  I like the loose effect with the blobs of ink that occasionally drop.  I always finish a painting in a couple of days then move on.  Sometimes I paint a series but after about 5 or 6 paintings,  I visit a new place or a holiday comes along and I get on another series of ideas.

FYI- The Annual 38th International Exhibition is now open for entry! Register today! The Registration deadline is on May 7th, 2018. $17,000 in awards is anticipated with John Salminen as our juror!

Please see our information page (here) for instructions on how to enter.


Weds. Painters

May 16  Joe’s Crab Shack behind the Convention center.

May 23 Arboretum ( reflecting lily Pad pool) in Balboa

May 30  Rose Garden on Park St across from Balboa

Drop Off- May 26

FirstFriday- June 1

You too can be featured in the blog, just answer the questions below and send in your photo and some of your paintings!

A special day in May will leave us wining!

The demo artist for May is world famous art educator and watercolor artist Jami Wright.  Jami loves to use color in her paintings!  She will show
us how to create a good composition and the rule of thirds.

The Paintout location will be at the Trevi Hills Winery in Lakeside.  Michael Larranaga is the Sommelier and has kindly invited us to come and enjoy the winery views for our paintout.

Wineries are great to paint.

We.suggest bringing your lunch for a picnic at the winery as there is no food

This was in our last show, someone started early!!

for sale but you can purchase wine if you would like.  I forgot to ask if there is a breakfast wine–it’s five o’clock somewhere!  Might make our paintings looser!   The air is dry in the mountains so bring plenty of water to drink.  The address of the winery is 13010 Muth Valley Road.  It is a short ten-minute drive from the rodeo grounds in Lakeside.

Directions from 8 East.  Take highway 67 toward Lakeside Exit Right onto Mapleview and then take a Left onto Ashwood.  Ashwood turns into Wildcat Canyon Road–Continue for about three miles and then take a Left onto Muth Valley Road.  You will see signs about Trevi Hills.  Drive to the top about a mile and a half and you will see the entrance on the RIGHT for Trevi Hills Winery.


Weds. Painters

May 16  Joe’s Crab Shack behind the Convention center.

May 23   Arboretum ( reflecting lily Pad pool) in Balboa

May 30    Rose Garden on Park St across from Balboa

Drop Off- May 26

FirstFriday- June 1

BlogChallenge– draw or paint leaves (trees attached to them would be fine too!)

FYI– In case you missed the special show we had in December in the side room by the Whitakers, I just found the photos I did during that wonderful showing, so for our viewing pleasure enjoy these from afar. From waving flags to nudes and a few monsters at bay, they created quite a stir using their combined painting talents.



Kids poster contest is on, they will be our water heroes!

The 18thAnnual Water Conservation Poster Show

The San Diego Watercolor Society joins with the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department, Water Conservation Program in acknowledging the children (K-6) who use art to communicate the importance of water conservation every day.  The artwork of the winners of the 2018 Kid’s Poster Contest, “How Am I a Water Conservation Hero”, will be on display in the SDWS Gallery May 31st, June 1st, 3rd, and June 6th-10th. An award ceremony, that is open to the students and their families, will be held June 1stfrom 7-7:30 p.m. during the First Friday Reception for the June Member’s show, “Bluesy Mash-Up”.

The City of San Diego Public Utility’s 18th annual Kids Poster Contest Winners!!

For more information about Water Conservation, visit https://www/ or call (619) 533-4126.

38th International Exhibition!

If you have not entered online, please do so by May 7th.

In addition to the 3500+ visitors we get to our gallery during the exhibition, all accepted paintings will also be for sale online, greatly increasing exposure. Last year, over 20% of the paintings sold and we are hoping to raise that this year!

Check out the Prospectus for more information. Please share this notice with art colleagues and Art Association Members.


Weds. Painters:

May 9              Seaport Village across from where we were last week.  Parking get ticket stamped to get discount

May 16            Joe’s Crab Shack behind the Convention center. From Harbor Drive pass the center on your right and take the first right to get behind the building and the first left after that gets you there

May 23            Arboretum ( reflecting lily Pad pool) in Balboa

May 30            Rose Garden on Park St across from Balboa

We made a point to get to Point Loma with Chuck

A special invite was given to the SDWS painters, to paint at a private home at the point. Chuck McPherson was in his element and amused everyone who came and then people chose different areas to paint. What a fun day at a wonderful place.

FYI- Enter the 38thInternational My Exhibition. Deadline is May 7th


Weds. Painters

May  2  Coronado Ferry Landing

May 9   Seaport Village across from where we were last week.  Parking get ticket stamped to get discount

May 16   Joe’s Crab Shack behind the Convention center.

May 23   Arboretum ( reflecting lily Pad pool) in Balboa

May 30   Rose Garden on Park St across from Balboa

BlogChallenge: draw or paint leaves

Drop Off May 26

FIRST Friday- June 1

Chuck had the opportunity of a lifetime and got his painting on the cover of the Art of Watercolour Magazine! Way to go Chuck.


FirstFridays are always engaging, so get your bark on!

If you can stand the traffic, on a Friday night you are in for a delightful evening at the San Diego Watercolor Society and the surrounds. From 5-8pm get at Liberty Station, a treat awaits you. You can woof down art all over the place. We have many species come for the show, the food and the wine! I’ll bet these cainines enjoyed the company and the artwork!


Kids had a chance to be artists at the reception this month!


April 25  Hotel Del in Coronado South end across from the iconic restaurant.  Maybe park there?

Drop Off April 28

FIRST Friday- May 4

Sat Demo PAINTOUT- April 28 with Luis Juarez at Huntington Manor!  Owner Philip Butzen has offered to treat us with coffee, juice, fruit and pastries.